Termination / Severance Package Review

If you are fired, it is critical that you know what your employer must pay you. When you are advised that you have been terminated, you will likely receive a letter from your employer setting out the terms of your departure and what your employer is prepared to pay you.

Often, employers will push you to sign quickly and will set short timelines on when they want you to sign this letter to show that you agree to their terms. It may be tempting to simply sign this letter so that you can receive your package but before you agree to anything, you should consult with an employment lawyer to ensure your employer has included everything that you are entitled to including proper notice, benefits and bonus.

As part of the severance offer, employers often enclose a Release that they want you to sign. This Release is a legal document full of legal language and is often difficult to understand.  Once this Release is signed you will be bound by its terms and you will not be able to go to court to claim what you could have been entitled to receive as compensation for your termination.

It is very important not to sign any termination/severance package or Release until you understand your rights and what you actually may be entitled to. At Edwards Pollard LLP we will review your severance package and Release to determine whether your offer is fair and includes all of your entitlements. We offer a Termination Package Review for a competitive flat fee of $275 plus HST.

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