Property Damage

When the unexpected strikes your home or business—a fire, flood, or damage from wind and rain—you expect your insurance company to act in your best interest. People are often surprised to learn that after years of diligently paying premiums, the insurance company has denied their claim.

Even when the insurance company accepts that a claim is valid, a home or business owner is often left helpless with the amount of forms and information demanded of them by the insurance company to prove their claims. Home and business owners are pressured to rely on assessments of experts hired by the insurance company to value the damage and financial losses, often for less than what their claim is worth or what their policy entitles them to.

It is imperative to act quickly after a property loss at your home or business to protect your rights! At Edwards Pollard LLP, we work closely with a variety of experienced industry leaders and experts to prove your claim.

If you have experienced a fire or other property loss at your home or business, call the lawyers of Edwards Pollard LLP for a free consultation and policy review. Call us at 289.529.0404 or complete the contact form below.

We are experienced at handling the following types of property damage claims:
Fire Loss
Flood Damage
Wind or Hail Damage
Loss of Use
Equipment Damage
Business Interruption