Employment Law

Losing your job is stressful. Generally, employers in Ontario can terminate your job without cause so long as they provide you with the appropriate amount of notice or pay in lieu of notice (sometimes called severance or termination pay). Often, employers will offer an employee the bare minimum that they are required to provide under the legislation, ignoring an employee’s other potential entitlements.

There are a variety of factors to consider when calculating the appropriate amount of notice or pay in lieu of notice a terminated employee should receive, including an employee’s age, length of service, role within the company, salary and other benefits received like a bonus, pension or use of a company vehicle. Other factors, like the existence and wording of an employment contract can affect a terminated employee’s overall entitlements.

The lawyers at Edwards Pollard LLP can meet with you to review your severance package to ensure you are getting the severance you deserve.

In other circumstances, employees are asked to accept significant and fundamental changes to their job, such as a pay reduction, reduced role, or a transfer to a different location. These fundamental changes to an employee’s role could give rise to a constructive dismissal and entitlement to notice and/or severance pay.

If you have been terminated or asked to accept a significant change in your employment, do not sign anything without first receiving legal advice. Call the lawyers at Edwards Pollard LLP to discuss your rights. Call us at 289.529.0404 or complete the contact form below.