Employment Contract Review

Are you starting a new job and your employer wants you to sign an employment contract? Or is your existing employer asking you to sign a new employment contract?  If so, it is important to understand what you are agreeing to by signing this contract.

An employment contract is one of the most important documents that you will sign.  It will set out the terms of your employee-employer relationship including things like your salary and bonus, details of the probation and termination provisions and whether you can work in a competing position after leaving this job.

Sometimes, employment contracts can be drafted in a way that may negatively impact your future.  For example, employers often include a termination clause where the employer will only pay the minimum amounts set out in the legislation if you are terminated.  The minimum amounts are often inadequate and less than the amount you could be entitled to under common law.

Employment contracts can also contain a non-compete clause that could restrict you from taking a job in the same industry for a period of time after leaving this employer.

Getting advice from an employment lawyer before signing an employment contract can help you understand the terms of your employment and highlight any changes that you should ask to be made to the contract to safeguard yourself for the future.

At Edwards Pollard LLP we offer an Employment Contract Review package for a competitive flat fee of $275 plus HST.

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