Slip & Falls

As Canadians, we are used to living half of the year with snow and ice. But despite our best efforts to take care for our own safety, we can end up slipping on ice that should have been sanded, salted or cleared altogether. Many businesses hire snow removal companies to ensure that their premises are free from snow and ice and are safe for the public’s use, however, we have seen many times where these companies simply do not clear the ice in a timely manner or did an insufficient job when doing the salting and snow removal. This can create a hazard causing people to slip, fall and injure themselves.

Icy sidewalks can also be the cause of a nasty fall and the municipality could be at fault. There are special timelines that need to be followed if you have fallen on a city sidewalk. Call us immediately to ensure your claim can proceed.

Ice is not the only culprit that can cause injury. We have handled many cases where innocent people have slipped on liquids left on the floor in grocery stores, shopping malls, office buildings and food courts. The owners and occupiers of these premises have a duty to take reasonable care for your safety.

Slip and falls can result in serious and devastating injuries such as broken bones, ligament tears, head injuries, concussions and other traumas.

If you have sustained injury from a slip and fall, call the lawyers at Edwards Pollard LLP for a free consultation to find out if you have a case. Call us at 289.529.0404 or complete the contact form below.