Long Term Disability (LTD) Denials

If you are unable to work and have been denied short term disability (STD) or long term disability (LTD) benefits from your insurance company, we can help.

Many people have coverage for STD and LTD benefits from their group benefits at work and others have purchased their own private policy for these benefits. It is crucial to read the policy to understand the test for disability benefits and what the policy covers.

We have fought many of the top disability insurance companies including SunLife, Manulife, Fenchurch, Standard Life, RBC, Co-operators Life, Desjardins, Great West Life and London Life and have successfully obtained benefits for our clients.

Insurance companies profit when your claim is denied and you don’t fight back. Our experienced disability insurance lawyers at Edwards Pollard LLP can help you fight the insurance company if you have been unfairly denied LTD benefits. Call us at (289) 529-0404 or complete the contact form below.

There are many reasons why you can’t work. We have fought for clients that were denied benefits and could not work because of:
Chronic pain
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Depression or anxiety
Psychological and mood disorders
Neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinsons or epilepsy
Respiratory illnesses such as COPD
Cardiovascular illness such as heart failure or cardiovascular disease
Injuries from an accident